Fisherman, pike and cat

The most important thing – is to cook pike right

In some regions of Russia in the old days pike’s meat was considered not very tasty and tough. Researchers explain this fact by people not knowing how to properly prepare this freshwater predatory fish. Culinary tricks of Russian chefs allowed to eventually recognize pike as one of the tastiest freshwater fish.

Its Meat is Dietary

Modern nutritionists are unanimous about the benefits of pike’s meat to the human body. Its fat content is 1-3% , the rest are unsaturated fatty acids, digestible protein, vitamins and a whole range of minerals, including iron, iodine, fluorine, and zinc. Proteins contained in pike’s meat are a lot more valuable than proteins from animal meat.

Which Pike is Tastier?

In nature, pike lives in thickets, preys on small fish and grows up to 35 kilograms. Experts claim, that the tastiest pikes are those whose weight does not exceed 3 kg. Another rule: pike should be caught in a clean pond.

Sour Cream will Make it Taste Better

In Russia, sour cream was always used when they needed to soften the taste and flavor of the dish, and give it more richness. Combining sour cream with fish in Russia hasbeen done for ages. In the case with pike –it is a sure way to give the meat of this fish the desired consistency.

A Recipe of Pike in Sour Cream

According to the recipe by a historian and chef William Pokhlebkin, you need to clean a small pike fish, gut it and then rub with pepper inside and out. Then the fish is covered with vegetable oil, put in a big deep baking dish, and placed in the oven for 10 minutes. After fish browns a little, it is placed in a smaller dish and covered with sour cream so that it covers it in half, and baked until ready. Baking time is 1 hour. Prepared fish is placed on a serving dish and sprinkled with lemon juice.

From the remaining gravy we make a sauce. It is heated over medium heat until thick, then add salt and freshly ground nutmeg. The sauce is served separately or poured over pike.


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