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A “Pobeda” automobile is a legend of the Soviet automobile manufacturing, which was whispered about far outside the territory of the Soviet Union. The quality of this carwas highly appreciated by experts from around the world.

Start of Production and the History of the Name “Pobeda”

“Pobeda” was first manufactured in 1946 at the Gorky Automobile Plant. The final design of the car was defined by the sketches of the artist Samoilov. The drawings for the automobile were created in the shortest time period.

Originally it was planned to manufacture the car under the name “Rodina” (‘homeland’ in Russian). Joseph Stalin, the stern leader of the Soviet state, when learned of that name,asked only one question: “So how much will the “Rodina” (homeland) sell for?” Thesame day the name of the car was changed, and the future automotive legend received a new name – “Pobeda” (‘victory’ in Russian).

Unique Features of the Car

“Pobeda” was the first passenger car with an integrated body. It had no protruding headlights, fenders, running boards. Also, “Pobeda” had an increased glass area. The engine was placed in the front. Combined with an independent front suspension it allowed to make the car lower, making it more stable on the road and more manageable. “Pobeda” was the first car with a trunk.

Altogether at the Gorky Automobile Plant 235,999 “Pobeda” cars were produced. “Pobeda” was the first car that was accessible to an ordinary citizen of the Soviet Union. Also, the car was in demand abroad as well: “Pobeda” was exported to France and Belgium.

The design of “Pobeda” became the prototype of modern sports cars. And in 1950, a specially equipped “Pobeda” won in a race competition.

All-Wheel Drive “Pobeda”

In 1955 a four-wheel-drive version of the car was produced, which was equipped with electrical turn indicators, heating system for the cabin and windshield defogger. Basically, it was the world’s first crossover. “Pobeda” was equipped with a unique advanced engine, which allowed it to operate on gasoline of lower quality.

Victorious production of this ended only in 1958, but to this day “Pobeda” is a prize possession of many automobile collections.


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