Popular Russian food surprises and amazes foreigners.

Russian Porridge

Porridge is the most popular Russian food. In Russia in the morning it is customary to eat porridge: buckwheat, oat, millet, semolina, rice. Porridge is cooked using milk. It’s especially nice to make porridge in a clay pot. Porridge gives you energy and good mood for a whole day.


Pies, buns, rasstegai – all of these are baked goods with fillings. The filling may be very diverse – sweet, fish, meat. The dough – unleavened, salty, sweet. It all depends on the taste of the chef. Pies are favorite food on a Russian holiday table, as well as on a grandmother’s table when her grandchildren come to visit.

Russian Buns with different fillings

Buns with different fillings


Pelmeni is ground meat of different varieties with added onions and spices – stuffing of pelmeni. Then, the filling is wrapped in thin dough.

All you need to do is to boil pelmeni in water and serve with butter or sour cream –it’s very tasty and especially good in winter.

Pelmeni is a popular Russian food in the north due to long winters. Many housewives make a lot of pelmeni at once for a long period and then keep them in a freezer – it’s very convenient.


Shashlik are pieces of meat strung on a metal skewer and cooked over hot coal. This dish is rather a dish from the outskirts of Russia, a Caucasian dish. But in central Russia shashlik recipe was changed. Russians use vinegar or yogurt as a marinade for meat. Meat comes out exceptionally soft and juicy, and most importantly, after being marinated it is not demanding on the skill of the chef. That is why shashlik have become a popular Russian food for outdoor picnics. In Russia they say, “Let’s go for some shashlik.”


This dish is one of the traditional dishes that are stored for winter in Russia. Until recently, housewives used to chop cabbage in September-October, added to it some carrots or northern berries), worked it and stacked tightly in tubs under oppression.

Cabbage came out great. And it preserved all the vitamins, plus during fermentation it developed new vitamins.

Before serving, add some onion slices and a bit of sunflower oil – delicious.


Borsch is a tasty soup with cabbage, beetroot and meat. It comes from the southern regions of Russia. Serve it with sour cream, roasted garlic rye bread –what could be better during Russian winter!

Russian Beer with Dried Vobla

Russian beer may not be the best beer in the world. But a combination of dried vobla and cold Russian beer –is a definite hit.

Dried vobla is prepared from fresh fish – fish is first held in a salt solution under a press, and then is hung in an open air where there is some wind. Once the fish is dry –this popular Russian food is ready to be consumed with beer. Fish may have a peculiar smell –don’t worry. Wash it down with beer. If dried vobla was properly prepared and properly stored, the smell is almost nonexistent.

Black (Rye) Bread

This is the bread, which is made from rye flour. A common popular additive to such bread – coriander –makes it the Borodino bread.

Today, many countries are starting to borrow a recipe for black bread – it is much healthierthan wheat bread.

Although wheat bread in Russia is quite amazing too!

The main thing – choose “factory” bread, because they still retain the old Soviet traditions of baking – only natural ingredients without any baking powders and other chemicals.

By the way, usually the most popular request from the Russians living abroad to the question: “What can I bring you?” – Is: “Get me Borodino bread.”

Bread Kvass

Kvass is a very pleasant drink for a hot weather. Kvass has a slightly sour taste and it perfectly satisfies your thirst. Good kvass has not one single flavor note, but creates a special, complete experience and gives you nice aftertaste.

Russian Tea

There are no tea bushes growing in Russia. But tea from India have found its place in Russia – hot tea is great to warm up in cold weather, and caffeine, which tea has no less than coffee, invigorates you during the shortage of sun in winter months.

Russian tea is called tea with lemon.

The main criterion: even if a dish seems unusual to you, it must be delicious!

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