1. Elka – Provance

Elka is a pseudonym. The real name of the Russian pop singer is Elizaveta (like one of the Russian empresses).

A nice combination of good vocals and originality.

Elizaveta moved from Ukraine to Moscow.

The song is about freedom, the opportunity to go on holiday wherever you want. And what great things can happen to you:

“… A cozy cafe…

With red wine…

You can say that this is just a silly dream …”

2. Gradusy – Movie director

Gradusy is the Russian pop group. The leader of the group is Dmitry Bakhtinov. He was joined by Roman Pashkov, Ruslan Tagiyev and, in different years, drummers Viktor Golovanov and Anton Grebyonkin.

Initially, the song was written using dark colors – the author experienced a personal loss. Then the song was rewritten in a positive way.

The song says that after a personal loss you need to get up and move on.

“In this movie I am the main actor,

I’m a writer and a director…

Unloved, forgive me,

My love – love me.”

3.   30.02 – Stars in the puddles

30.02 is a non-existent date – February 30th.

In this music band there are two Russian musicians: Mikhail Shalmanov and Valentin Tkach.

The song is about the romance of a big city, about simple and light – about love.

“I want to share with you

Stars in the puddles,

Warm dinner want to share with you…

We have so much to say to each other

And let the world wait”

4. Vintage – The sign of Aquarius

This Russian pop group consists of the singer Anna Pletneva and sound producer Alexei Romanov.

The song “Aquarius” is about women’s experiences.

“I gave it my all, and I don’t regret!

And despite all autopilots,

I live in spite of horoscopes!”

5. Serebro – I will not give you up

Serebro is a Russian female pop group. Serebro means silver.

The group includes Olga Seryabkina, Daria Shashina and Polina Favorskaya.

Serebro won the 3rd prize at the “Eurovision” competition.

This is a song about love from the point of view of a possessive woman.

“Never, never, to nobody

I will not give you up…”

6. Dima Bilan – Crazy about you

Dima Bilan is the alias of the singer Viktor Belan.

Dima Bilan twice participated in the competition “Eurovision”: with the song «Never let you go» he took second place, and with the song «Believe» he took first place.

The song “Crazy about you” is about love.

“You are the bright sun…

We’ll wake up together…

A moment of true happiness…”

7. Sati Kasanova feat. Arsenium – Until dawn

Sati Kasanova

Sati Kasanova

A duet of the Russian singer Sati Kasanova and Arsenium.

The song is a love story. It’s hard to think about the future. You should enjoy this moment.

“A little bit of money in the pocket,

And my friends and I are hanging at a bar…

And until dawn let love burn…”

8. Pizza – Arms

Pizza is a music group with elements of pop, funk and something else.

City, and teen love carried through years – this is what music video “Arms” is about.

“The soul was flying over puddles, but April didn’t give me a cold.

I think I killed myself with your deadly weapon.”


9. Anna Semenovich – I’ll follow you

Anna Semenovich (March 1, 1980, Moscow) – Russian pop singer. Interestingly, Anna used to be a figure skater.

The song “I’ll follow you” is about how a woman lost her head in love.

“I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth…

I’ll follow you in your footsteps…”



UPD1: Leningrad — Eksponat (‘Exhibit’)

This is a real parody of modern young women.

More than 100 000 000 views.

UPD2: Sergey Lazarev – You Are The Only One

“We can never let the word be unspoken.
We will never let our loving go come undone…”

UPD3 Time and Glass. MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva – Deep…

I see danger.
and it’s beautiful,
Otherwise it would be boring,
Start to torture me…

UPD 4. Элджей & Feduk – Розовое вино / Eldzhey & Feduk – Pink wine

Here’s so beautiful, I stop breathing.
Sounds to a minimum, so as not to disturb.
These clouds are purple cotton.
Flower magic with ice in our wine glasses…

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