Porridge from GuryevWork of culinary art – Guryevskaya porridge.

This amazing Russian porridge already 200 years ago was considered a real work of culinary art. Wealthy guests from all over came to lunches to its inventor, an amateur chef, just to try this delicacy. Yes, it was a delicacy, because Guryevskaya porridge is completely different from our traditional porridge, both in brightness of flavor, in aroma and in cooking technology.

Who’s the Cook?

The invention of this wonderful Russian dish is attributed to Count Dmitry Guryev. In the early 19th century he was the Minister of Finance in Russia and lived in St. Petersburg. There is not much information about the biography of Count Guryev, but there are some memories of his contemporaries that confirmed the talents of this man in the culinary field.

Preparing the Ingredients

Culinary historian William Pohlebkin gives the following recipe of Guryev porridge. You peel nuts, mince them and soak in a small amount of warm water. Milk is poured into a flat casserole dish and placed in an oven. Milk skin formed by heating is removed and placed in a separate bowl. From 1.25 liters of milk you should get up to 15 milk skins. From half cup of semolina you make a thick porridge, then add nuts and half a cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter and powdered spices (cardamom, lemon zest and cinnamon).

The Cooking Process

Part of the semolina is spread in a thin layer in a wide fireproof dish. On top milk skins are laid out. Then again – a layer of semolina and milk skins. And then you repeat it again. In the layer before last you need to add star anise and a bit of jam. Such layered porridge is baked in the oven on low heat for about 15 minutes. On top you layer the remaining jam and nuts. Porridge is served in the same dish that it was baked in.

Porridge for Tsars

Guryevskaya porridge was a mandatory dish on the tables of the Russian Tsars. Today it is rare to enjoy Guryev porridge in Russia. The reason is that it is a very time consuming dish.

Guryevskaya porridge is a fundamentally different dish with amazing taste.


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