Russian Young Gymnasts

In one of the Moscow schools future champions are trained –this is the gymnastics club “Dynamo” named after Mikhail Voronin.

This sports school has trained and continues to train the medalists of the Olympic Games, world champions and talented masters of sport. The teachers at the gymnastics club use time-tested training programs and modern approaches to develop young athletes.

Initial Stages of Preparing Young Gymnasts

At the initial stage of training young gymnasts general developmental exercises are used that ensure a harmonious development of the musculoskeletal system. Afterwards, additional special exercises are introduced that focus on coordination and accuracy of movements. Young gymnasts learn spatial, power and temporal manifestations of movements. At this stage, the coach introduces athletes to the concepts of amplitude, rhythm and tempo, speed of movement.

The basis of the initial training stage is represented by three types of exercises: general, special motor and special training types. Exercises of the special motor training develop motor coordination and precision. Special technical training exercises help athletes to master gymnastic elements. This includes the ability to keep the posture in the stop position, hanging position, handstand, memorizing basic positions and ways of moving from one to another, basic exercises on the apparatus, trampoline, acrobatics elements and choreography.

After that, athletes move on to a specialized stage. First competitions begin.

During a specialized stage the main focus is on the gymnastics school. The elements that were studied during the beginning phase are assembled into combinations, which later form the basis of individual performances.

Initial and specialized training programs are created in such a way that a talented athlete is able to fully develop his potential.

Just three or four years of specialized training and young athletes turn into professional skilled gymnasts.


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