Pyatigorsk Russia Beshtay

The name Pyatigorsk in Russian means “the city of five mountains”.

This unique health resort is located near Mount Beshtau. Its name can be literally translated as “a mountain with five peaks”. The area, surrounding Beshtau, had been called “Pyatigorie”, and then this name was adopted by Pyatigorsk – a city, founded in southern Russia.

Pyatigorsk lies at the height of 500 m (1640 ft) above sea level.

Things to do in Pyatigorsk

Pyatigorsk Russia

The first thing is, of course, health recovery. Pyatigorsk is rich in underground mineral springs, with each of them having different chemical composition and being indicated for treatment of various health problems. One should not forget about therapeutic mud, which has a strong healing effect.

Mild climate, picturesque panoramas, surrounding summits, suitable even for amateur tracking, and fresh air, filled with the aroma of pine needles and mountain grass, which can be practically gulped down – all these things make Pyatigorsk one of the best places for peaceful relaxation and health recovery.

In Pyatigorsk, there are 10 km (6 mi) of special routes for healing walks.

Fans of extreme sports can ride a mountain bike, go rock climbing and fly a sail wing, a hang glider or a hot air balloon.

Healing waters of Pyatigorsk

Pyatigorsk Russia Beshtay

The hot springs of Pyatigorsk came to light in the 14th century. It has been 200 years since its mineral waters were officially brought into line with those of other countries, and some of Pyatigorsk’s waters were even declared a way better than their foreign counterparts.

Sulphurous mineral waters of Pyatigorsk have a temperature of 42-47 °C (108-117 °F) above zero and a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide, silicon and radium. Generally, these waters are used for bathing. 

Its acidulous mineral waters (“narzan”) can be used either externally or internally.

The outskirts of Pyatigorsk are full of mineral baths and pump-rooms.

Radon thermal springs of Goryachaya Mountain (Hot Mountain) are good for bathing, showering and irrigating.

In Pyatigorsk, some mineral baths are open for public use. So do not be surprised to see there half-naked people, having a time of their lives. 

The mineral waters of Pyatigorsk are used to treat gastrointestinal, gynecological, nervous and musculoskeletal system disorders as well as skin diseases. This list is truly impressive.

Pyatigorsk Russia Beshtay

The transport system of Pyatigorsk

Being a relatively small town, Pyatigorsk has eight tram routes.

There is also a cable railway, where a fullmetal car brings you to the top of Mashuk Mountain. It covers the distance of 1 km (0.6 mi) in only 2 minutes. After reaching the summit, you can admire beautiful panoramas or look over the highest TV tower in Europe, with its total height being 1069 m (3507 ft).

Pyatigorsk is a remarkable place in southern Russia, where you can have a good rest and improve your health thanks to healing mineral waters.

Photos by Alexander Frolov

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