It is widely believed that there are not that many religious people in Russia. In reality the situation is quite the opposite.

Number of Religious People in Russia

According to surveys conducted by “Levada Center,” about three-quarters of Russians consider themselves to be religious. The number of non-believers is getting smaller with each year and these days accounts for about a fifth of the population of Russia.

Among the believers 9 out of 10 consider themselves Orthodox. The next by popularity is Islam, followed by Catholicism, Judaism, Protestantism and other religions.

How the Number of Religious People has Changed in Recent Years

From 1991 to the present time, the main trend is the increasing number of religious people and decreasing number of unbelievers, which can be seen in the following chart (data provided by “Levada Center”):

Religion in Modern Russia

Participation in Lives of Church Communities

About a third of Russian people do not attend church. Only one of seven Russians is an active parishioner, i.e. attends church once a month or more.

Most believers attend church on occasion or during major religious holidays.

Following Church Traditions

Despite the fact that the number of Russian people who are regularly involved in the lives of church communities is not that great, the majority of Russians one way or another celebrate major religious holidays.

For example, on Easter about 75 percent of Russians color chicken eggs and buy or even bake themselves Easter cakes as common symbols of Easter holiday.

Believers Outside of Church Denominations

Almost one in five believes in Russia does not consider himself to belong to any religious denomination. That means that these people really believe in God, but do not belong to any religion.

Religious Tolerance of Russian People

Russians most definitely possess amazing religious tolerance. For example, the majority of Russians do not mind if the Pope Francis visited Russia, although they belong to other confessions.

Most Russians believe that relations between different faiths, for example, between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, are either already friendly or should become more friendly.

This is another example religious tolerance of Russians.


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