Paola is interested in the Russian language and has been to Moscow! If I got her right, she spent a month in Moscow while studying Russian. Yet, she moved through the Russian capital together with her Italian friends and could not explore all the aspects of the Russian life.

Below is the list of “Top 3 Most Interesting Facts about Russian and Russians” made by Paola.

1. Russian cities

Paola visited Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which are located in European Russia. She said that Moscow did not look like any other European city, while the architecture of Saint Petersburg was more familiar.

However, Moscow holds a special place in Paola’s heart due to its diversity, interesting and unique character!

Paola would like to travel to Eastern Russia that lies behind the Urals.

2. Churches in Russia 

Paola has particularly noted the Russian church architecture. In fact, these religious monuments not only combine eastern and western architectural traditions, but also have their own unique style.

This is the photo of Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye (the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites) we put here especially for Paola:


3. People’s behavior

Although Russians are known as an unsmiling nation, Paola has mentioned that all Russians are different. She thinks there are a lot of polite people in Russia, especially women. However, Paola has also faced some rudeness that was quite unusual for her.

Paola has acknowledged that she saw many stylish and well-dressed people in the center of Moscow. I tried to remind her of Italy and its high fashion, but I failed to change Paola’s mind 🙂

Of course, Paola would like to learn more about the life of common Russians. 

We are glad to discover Russia together with you!

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