Russia is a huge country and there you can get a job in different spheres. Indeed there are lots of jobs in Russia.

According to some data Russia is often considered a country where professionals and top managers can find more interesting options for business than for example, in Europe.

There is also no great competition among these professionals in Russia. After 1991 the country needed managers and pros to develop its new economy – Russia needed new knowledge. Many high schools started to open new faculties to teach future managers etc. But unfortunately there are no many real professionals in Russia at present. A lot of people get their posts thanks to their friends, money or other “connections”. Now the situation is changing, but at present there are not so many good professionals and top managers in Russia


The less professionals there are, the more the necessity of them. Hence these professionals go up in price.

As a rule specialists who got their posts thanks to their “connections” have steep demands. They name a price for their activities that is much more than they can do in reality.

That is why HR managers from very famous companies have difficulties in recruiting staff now and then and they have to ask managers from abroad. And the companies have to do special working papers for their foreign workers and make expenditure.

What to Choose – Should You Visit Russia for a New Job or Not?

This is a very complicated issue, and everyone should decide that himself.

Russia is a good place for professionals but your qualification should be really high if you want to get a good job in the Russian Federation.

It is a fact that Russia has a lack of professionals.

But if you made a decision to visit Russia for working – be ready that some high-quality goods and services in this country are unreasonably expensive. It is possible that in Russia you will not be able to find the goods you have in your mother country: they can be absent or too expensive for you. And in this situation – you can think – your salary in Russia is not so high as you thought before.

Labour Migration

Finally, we would like to say that Russia is very attractive for non-specialists and workers. Here migrants can get the income, which in their country is very good. A Labour migration in this segment is very massive. As a rule migrants come to Russia from neighboring countries with Russia (a reference to statistics). Good knowledge of the Russian language quite often help such workers get a job.


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