Russian Accent

Russian accent in the English language – unique features.

Russian Accent

The melody of the Russian language is different from the English melody. Russian language sounds more evenly, smoothly. English language is filled with more intonations, which in normal conversation to Russians seems inappropriate and overly expressive.

The consonants in the Russian language are harder as compared to English.

Also in Russian there is no such sound as [θ] (we wonder which king of England at the time prematurely executed his tooth puller?) And Russians usually replace this sound with s or z.

Also, Russians often confuse w and v, pronouncing v instead of w.

Is Russian Accent Easy to Understand?

Many English-speaking people note that the English language with a Russian accent is easy enough to understand. Moreover, Russians can quite successfully get rid of their accent while improving on their English language.

What Russians Think about Their Accent

Most Russians are perfectionists when it comes to foreign languages. They will insist that they speak no English, even if they can understand it and speak it.

And if sometimes Russians use the wrong tenses, for them it is a good enough reason not to speak in English at all.

What Others Think about the Russian Accent

Interestingly, the Russian accent is considered a sexy accent. And this applies to Russian women and Russian men as well.

Moreover, foreigners from other countries for whom English is a second language as well, also say that they find the Russian accent in English attractive.

Will the Russian Accent Protect You?

By the way, they say that the Russian accent can protect from an attack or robbery on the streets of the city at night. Indeed, Russians are so used to unusual situations, that often an ordinary robber becomes not a threat to them, but a victim. So there is some truth to this statement.

We are curious: do you like the Russian accent in English?


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