Russian Army Songs

Three Tankmen

“On the border the clouds are frowning” – the first line and an alternative title of the Russian army song “Three Tankmen.”

The song was written in 1939 and basically became the main song of the Russian tank forces.

The song as written after the fights on Khalkhin-Gol (Nomon Khan) in 1939. As a result of the military conflict the Japanese army was completely demolished. It is possible that the local Russian-Japanese War of 1939 saved the Soviet Far East from the Japanese attack, despite all the pressure by Hitler on its ally in the fascist coalition, Japan.

The song “Three tankmen” quickly became popular, especially in the years of World War II, when tank armies were the main striking force.

The music for this Russian army song was written by brothers Pokrass, the lyrics – by Boris Laskin.

After the end of World War II in 1946, Boris Laskin altered the song, adding verses about tankmen returning to civilian life.

“Three Tankmen.” Performed by Valery Semin, music group “White Day”:

Time changes many things. The crews of modern tanks now have more than three people. But in performing this song, according to tradition, they still sing “three”.


Katyusha is an affectionate version of the name Ekaterina.

The song Katyusha was written by Matvey Blanter on the lyrics of Mikhail Isakovsky.

During World War II, the Russian song Katyusha became the front song. The image of Katyusha evoked in soldiers a typical Russian girl who was waiting for a soldier from the front.

“Katyusha” even had letters written from the front.

The song quickly obtained new verses.

This originally lyrical song turned into an army song.

Versions of the song Katyusha with military verses are no less popular than the original performance.

The army version of the song Katyusha from the World War II:

Reactive systems of salvo fire, which the Red Army used against the fascists during World War II, were called “Katyusha”. It is widely believed that they got their name from the name of the song.

Here, Birds Do not Sing…

The song was written by Bulat Okudzhava. This song was composed for the film”Belorussian train station”. The composer Alfred Schnittke was already working on the movie, but when he heard a version of the song with the music by Okudzhava, he asked him to performance the song again. And then he said that it was wonderful and there was no need to write different music for the song “Here, the birds do not sing…”

“The planet is burning and spinning,

There’s smoke over our Motherland.

And that means that we need one victory,

One for all. We will pay the price. “

Nina Urgant:

A Soldier is Walking in the City

This is the song by Vladimir Shainsky to the lyrics by Mikhail Tanich.

The most popular marching song of the Russian army, and the soldiers often rework this Russian army song in their own way.

“A soldier is walking in the city, on an unfamiliar street,

And the street is lit by the smiles on the girls.”

Music group “Plamya.” A soldier is walking in the city:

Blue Sky

A favorite song of the airborne troops.

The song was written by Yuri Alekhin.

It’s an unofficial anthem of the airborne troops.

At least one case was recorded of combat use of the song. The song helped the paratroopers.


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