Russian Automobile Chaika

Automobile “Chaika” was the embodiment of progressive ideas, which by the beginning of the 1960s were getting implemented in almost all spheres of life in the Soviet Union.

“Chaika” automobile has taken a very important place in the automotive industry. And today many major collectors of vintage cars are dreaming of becoming an owner of an authentic “Chaika.”

History of “Chaika”

Creation of a new progressive car was started by Soviet engineers from researching Western models first. They were represented by two cars: a Packard Patrician sedan and a convertible Packard Carribean.

Most likely the name “Chaika” was inherited from an older car ZIM-12V. On the grille of ZIM there was already sported a stylized seagull (‘chaika’ in Russian).

The mock-up of “Chaika” was completed in 1956, and the first prototypes were produced as early as next year.

Unique Features of “Chaika”

Because of its size “Chaika” was a heavy car, so the idea of ​​an integral body was abandoned in favor of a lightweight welded X-frame. Suchframe gave the car rigidity and stability.

Front suspension was independent;rear suspension was made ​​of longitudinal semi-elliptic carriage springs. Wheels were decorated with chrome hubcaps.

For “Chaika” a new engine was developed. It was equipped with a cylinder block, heads, intake manifold, pistons made of progressive aluminum alloy. Thanks to an excellent motor the vehicle had a horsepower capacity of 195 and a maximum speed of 195 km / h. And all of that – with a weight of 1950 kilograms.

Presentation of the Car

“Chaika” graced many international exhibitions: in Budapest, New York, Geneva, etc.

This beautiful car was considered the epitome of respectability and wealth, and could not be afforded by regular folks. “Chaika” cars that completed their service to high-ranking officials were written off, repainted in white and sent to service the Wedding Houses.

To this day many surviving copies of “Chaika” cars delight newlyweds and their guests in many Russian cities.


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