Black rye bread is healthier that wheat bread.

Black bread is common in Russia. It is also called Russian black bread. It is made of rye, which is much more frost-hardy plant than wheat. Rye can grow in northern Russia, and wheat – can’t.

Russia is the largest producer of rye grain.

Just a few decades ago there used to be a lot more rye sown. Black bread used to make up to 70% of the total volume of bread baked in Russia.

Russian black bread is one of those products that you can never get tired of. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day.

Traditional Russian table is unthinkable without black bread. People of older generations do not understand how you can have a meal without black bread.

Russian black bread - rye bread

Russian black rye bread

Benefits of Russian Black Bread

Rye bread has fewer calories than wheat bread.

It has a lot of fiber.

It contains B vitamins that reduce stress and improve the condition of the skin, as well as other important vitamins and minerals.

In Russian black bread there is a lot of vegetable protein.

The main thing: even a small slice of rye bread is able to satisfy hunger, which prevents from overeating.

The coarser of the flour used for making rye bread, the more nutrients it has.

Ingredients of Russian Black Rye bread

Nothing extra: rye flour, water, salt and starter.

Rye bread contains almost no fat; it is high in “long-playing”, “slow” carbohydrates and protein.

Sometimes to rye flour add a few percent of wheat flour to make sure the bread doesn’t crumble.

The correct starter is not yeast.

Starter is made from fermented milk products that contain a lot of lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria displace all other bacteria in the preparation of rye bread, adding another point to the list of useful properties of Russian black bread.

Starter ensures a long shelf life for the bread.

If when making bread you add a little coriander, you will get the famous Borodino rye bread. If you add coriander and raisins – you will get Karelian bread.

Shelf life of Rye Bread

Shelf life of rye bread is 72 hours, or three days. But in a plastic bag and in a fridge bread can be stored much longer.

With Caution

Rye bread has a high acidity. Consider this point, if you have any contraindications: gastric hyperacidity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and so on.

Cheap Elite Bread

Rye flour is cheaper than wheat flour. And the cost to the Russian black rye bread was always lower than the cost of white wheat bread.

But every year the production of rye bread in Russia decreases.

The explanation illogical fact lies in the technology of making bread.

There is a “simple” technology – for the preparation of wheat bread. Literally one hour – and the bread is ready.

Another technique is used for black bread: many varieties of rye bread are cooked for several hours, and the cooking process is more complicated. Wheat bread is more profitable for producers than rye bread. It is possible that over time the situation will change. Today, however, we have a paradox that rye bread from a cheap product is turning into an inaccessible and even elite kind of bread.

The importance of rye bread for Russian cuisine is reflected in a proverb: “Bread is the staff of life.”


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