Russian Buckwheat Pancakes

Real Russian pancakes were made with buckwheat flour instead of wheat, as it is today. In Russian cuisine buckwheat pancakes were always prepared using yeast. Thanks to that, they came out thin, almost translucent and soft.

Why were Pancakes Made with Buckwheat?

It is proved that the birthplace of buckwheat is Russia, more precisely, southern Siberia and Altai. In Kievan Rus buckwheat appeared in the 15thcentury. Mostly it was grown in monasteries by Greek monks. Buckwheat was both available and cheap. That is why Russian women used buckwheat flour for making pancakes.

How to Make Buckwheat Pancakes

The recipe is described by William Pohlebkin, the researcher of the Russian cuisine. The dough was kneaded several hours before cooking using a sponge and dough method. It had to be liquid and homogeneous. The pancakes were cooked on a hot cast-iron pan, greased with butter. Using a ladle the batter was poured into the pan in a thin uniform layer. When a pancake browned on one side, it was turned over.

Buckwheat Pancake Recipes

Originally buckwheat pancakes were lenten, without milk and eggs. Buckwheat flour for the dough was scolded. First, a cupof flour was mixed with a cup of cold water. Then, three cups of hot water were added, stirred, allowed to cool, and added yeast. When the dough rose a little, the remaining components were added: remaining flour (3 cups), sugar and salt (1 teaspoon each). The dough was kneaded thoroughly, allowed to stand for several hours, and when it increased in size, the pancakes were cooked.

Buckwheat flour was also used to make sweet pancakes. The dough was prepared from flour (3 cups), milk (3 cups), yeast (25 g), butter (15 g), and two egg yolks. Then the dough was scalded with a cup of hot milk, added salt and sugar (1 teaspoon each), and beaten egg whites. The dough was left to stand so it rose, and then pancakes were cooked.

Pancakes were usually served with sour cream, or butter. They were used to wrap stuffing – fish, caviar, cottage cheese, mushrooms. Bon appetit!

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