Rodion Shchedrin

Loosening of state control allowed musicians to develop new directions and expand their ties with the global music community.

Russian Musicians Abroad

In the late 80s, many Russian musicians and composers left the country but continued to create and perform Russian music. Alfred Schnittke moved to Germany.

Alfred Schnittke

Following him, in 1991, Sofia Gubaidulina, who is considered an outstanding composer, also moved to Germany.

Sofia Gubaidulina

The creative work of Rodion Shchedrin is also related to overseas. The composer and public figure together with his wife Maya Plisetskaya moved to Europe. While dividing his time between Russia and Europe Shchedrin created vocal and instrumental pieces, operas, ballets, concerts and suites.

Rodion Shchedrin

Choral and Church Music

Choirs have a special kind of success in performing old-world works. The Academic Choir named after Alexander Sveshnikov, the Chamber Choir of the Moscow Conservatory, the Russian Choir named Alexander Yurlova are internationally famous.

Church music is becoming popular as well. Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, known not only as a religious figure, but also as a composer, created several works of a religious nature. Among them: “St. Matthew Passion” and “Christmas Oratorio.”

The “SoMa” Group

In 2005 six Russian composers created a group aimed at uniting professional musicians to promote Russian music. “SoMa” is a creative union that allows a fresh perspective at the development of musical trends and the use of modern methods of phonation. The founders of the project are Boris Filanovsky and Dmitry Kurlandsky.

Boris Filanovsky

Authentic Rendering

At the end of the 20th century in Russia performing of musical works on the instruments for which they were written, which best reflects authors’ intentions, has become popular. In Moscow, this trend was promoted by Nazar Kozhukhar, in St. Petersburg – by Alexei Panov. The violinist Tatiana Grindenko created an ensemble of early music.

Tatiana Grindenko


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