Kseniya Simonova, Moscow

Kseniya Simonova, Moscow. Photo is taken from the official site of Kseniya (“Press” section)

Nowadays it is probably not necessary to introduce Kseniya Simonova. Indeed, almost all of our readers have probably seen at least one of the performances by Kseniya, who is creating real magic from sand.

Kseniya performed in Moscow and London, Vienna and Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong and many other places, and some of her videos on YouTube have accumulated tens of millions of views!

Introducing her clip “Russian Fantasy” on YouTube, Kseniya Simonova talks about her grandmother’s stories and her childhood dreams, about unique Russian aesthetics as a reflection of Russian culture:

Kseniya’s interests are not limited to her creative work. She founded the Foundation “Live, Sun”, which provides support for children and pregnant women in need of financial assistance, and she also takes part in other charitable projects.


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