Russian fast food follows the traditions of Russian cuisine.


A chain of Russian fast food Teremok is represented in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Soon Teremok will open in major Russian cities.

The uniform of the staff reminds of a Russian folk costume. They address customers in a respectful Old Russian way “Sudar”, “Sudarinya”, “What would you desire?”

What is delicious in Teremok?

Russian Hearty Pancakes

In Teremok you can try pancakes with nice fillings. All pancakes are baked on the spot. [When we were writing these lines, it seemed that we could smell a browned in a frying pan pancake in Teremok – and this is the best recommendation.]

Fillings: red caviar (there is also “double red caviar”), mildly salted red fish – salmon, sour cream, vegetable oil, Meat hero (minced meat, mushrooms and sour cream), pork, mushrooms and cream.

Pancakes with salmonPancakes with salmon

Tip: if you decide to try pancakes with red caviar, order some extra sour cream. The flavor of the dish will become nicer and softer.

Sweet Pancakes

In the Russian fast food chain Teremok there are some pancakes with traditional sweet fillings: honey, just sugar, cherry jam, and strawberry jam.

Like a memory of the Soviet past – pancakes with sweet condensed milk, manufactured in accordance with GOST.

There are several pancakes with experimental fillings.

Verdict on pancakes – it’s really amazingly tasty. It is unlikely that you will find more delicious pancakes. Judging only on stuffing, Teremok is still fast food.


In the Russian fast food chain Teremok you can try buckwheat porridge with various flavors.

The menu has the famous Guriev porridge – a favorite dessert of the Russian tsars. Only it’s almost impossible to try – not available. A publicity stunt?

Verdict: a great opportunity to enjoy a very inexpensive buckwheat porridge. Weather you’ll be able to try Guryev porridge – is a very big question.


It’s hard to imagine that soups in a fast-food place could be great. To try a dish, to understand “what it is” – the Russian fast food chain Teremok is great, especially since the soups are cooked right here.

What you can try: borsch, mushroom soup, sorrel soup, pea soup with smoked meat, okroshka on kvass, meatless pea soup, trout soup.

Also in Teremok you can try Russian pelmeni.


As for traditional Russian drinks. Teremok is not bad. Here you can try, or take to go, kvass, cranberry mors, birch juice, uzvar. From the Soviet past –Tarragon lemonade. Some soft drinks – mead and cider, and some hot drinks – Russian honey sbiten (with herbs), a drink based on honey-grass “Fireweed” and even a drink from chicory root – Russian coffee substitute with useful properties.

Teremokis a perfect inexpensive opportunity to try Russian cuisine.


The main product of the Russian fast food chain Kroshka-Kartoshka is potato. And not just any potatoes, but specially selected large potatoes. Potato that has already become centuries ago a national food of Russia, in this Russian fast food chain is baked in foil. This cooking method preserves the health benefits of potatoes.

Next, you can add to your potato a variety of fillings. You get hearty peasant food. Worth a try.

Another interesting dish – sweet dumplings with cherry.

Also, in Kroshka-Kartoshka you can try black bread toast.

There are also several hot soups – borsch with fritters and chicken noodle soup.


Shokoladnitsa is a chain of coffee shops. If the worldwide coffee shops are just coffee shops, then Shokoladnitsa is rather Russian fast food. There are many Shokoladnitsa spots in Moscow and in 47 cities.

In order to explore the Russian cuisine you should get here … for breakfast (before 11 am).

What should you have for breakfast?

Syrniki with sour cream and raspberry sauce or honey. This is a very delicious dish of the Russian cuisine based on cottage cheese. It seems that the cold syrniki are even tastier.

Porridge – rice or oatmeal with fresh berries. Worth a try.

Traditional Russian granular cottage cheese with jam and fresh berries.

Every breakfast is complemented by a cup of freshly squeezed juice and fresh coffee or tea.


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