Lukerya Kosheleva

Often tounderstand the specifics of anation you need to listen to its national music. It reflects the character of people unlike any other form of art. Modern musicians who perform such music synthesize folk motifs with modern instruments.

Sergey Starostin

Since the mid – 20th century professional musicians started turning tothe origins of folk music, which was preserved by rural residents. Sergei Starostin didn’t just record folk songs, he also performed them. This is an important mission in the modern world, because the number of mediums of folk music is rapidly declining.

Sergey Starostin

Authentic Performers

A shining example is Lukerya Kosheleva, the last of the folk ensemble from Linovo village. The residents of that village on the border of Russia and Ukraine in the 20th century used a dialect from the times of Prince Igor, and local grannies sang Russian songs in this dialect.

Lukerya Kosheleva

“Buranovskie Grandmothers”, full of Energy, succeeded in capturing the hearts not only of Russia, but also of Europe, finishing second in the “Eurovision” contest in 2012.

Buranovskie Grandmothers

Contemporary Arrangements

Performing Russian folk songs in contemporary adaptations is the basis of the creative work of the singers Inna Zhelannaya and Pelageya. Zhelannaya uses folk material in combination with electronics, jazz, and rock. Pelageya won over Russia when she was a young girl with her unique vocals and the ability to convey the character of folk songs.

Inna Zhelannaya and Pelageya

Popular Folk Groups

In the early 90s lots of pop-folk groups began to appear all over Russia, such as “Balagan Limited”, “Slavyanski Hod”, “Kristall-Balalaika”. The most successful was “Ivan Kupala”. At the heart of their music were the recordings made by ethnographers in the 1970s.

Ivan Kupala


The musicians of “Kalinov Most” successfully combine folk with rock.

Kalinov Most

The group “Krynitsa” performs Slavic neo-folk-rock.


At the end of the 20th century two factors coincided: the pressure of the state was decreased and the interest of Russians in their roots, including folk music, increased sharply. Thanks to that emerged a favorable environment for the preservation and development of Russian folk music.


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