This is a story about a unique project that was prepared by a team of individuals especially for the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory in the Second World War.

About 10 years ago a few people got together to tell their personal stories of what was meant for the generation that had lived through it. Among those who planned and carried out this multimedia project are Ekaterina Solntseva, Yan Cherniak, Elena Kolmanovskaya, Evgeniya Zavalishina and many others.

The project was implemented in the form of an interactive map, which in time shows the theater of war operations: from the onset of war to the victory.

For each time period there are attached archival documents and music that help you immerse into the atmosphere of that period.

In addition, the website of the project became a place where veterans can find each other and communicate. The database of the project contains more than a million veterans who live in Russia and inmany other countries (at the time of the project launch).

This is an exciting project that will transport you into that time period!

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