Everyone is amazed with Russian girls who even on vacation will not take off their high heels.  In Russia there is a common expression: “Beauty requires sacrifice.” But this…To wear high heels for surfing?

We know some people very well who organized a surfing school on Bali.

The territory of  the Surfing school

The territory of  the Surfing school

And right there, on the beach in Kuta this unusual event took place, which will soon obtain a status of the World Cup: a surfing competition wearing … high heels.

The selection of participants is very rigorous – high-heel shoes should have a stiletto heel (high heel) that is no less than 9 centimeters (3.5 inches).

Just imagine, nine (9) centimeters! Try to walk on such heels.

But Russian girl somehow manage to ride waves on a surfing board wearing these high heels!

Truly awesome, crazy competition:

So, here is the list of the winners:

I. Anna Lazar

II. Victoria Kershis

III. Anna Shalashova

A special prize for a will to win went to Katya Karyuk

We congratulate the winners and the organizers of this event!


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