Russian Mark on American Soil - Alaska and California

Russian travelers left their mark in the history of the United States. In the 18thcentury the Russians have discovered more than 15% of the territory of modern America. They founded their settlements in states such as Alaska and California.

Bering and “Russian Columbus”

The discoverer of “Russian America” ​​in 1741 was a Russian officer Ivan (Vitus) Bering. Grateful descendants commemorated Bering, naming in his honor a sea, a strait, several islands, a cape and a glacier.

First Russian colonies in Alaska were founded in 1784 by the navigator Gregory Shelikhov, whose contemporaries called him a “Russian Columbus.” He created the Russian-American Company, which for 80 years pioneered exploration of new lands and carried out trading activities. In honor of Shelikhov a bay and a strait were named.

Russian River and Name-Bearing Islands

Modern Americans recognize Russian achievements in the development of the territory of the United States, which is fully reflected in toponymy. There is historical evidence in the form of many geographical names of places that bear the names of Russian navigators, explorers and merchants. Among them – the islands of Baranov, Krenitsyn, Shumagin, Pribilof, Chichagov, Hagemeister, Chirikov, Kupriyanov, Venyaminov volcano, Kotzebue bay,  Kutuzov cape, Rumyantsev mountains, Russian River, etc.

Fort Ross

Fort Ross was founded in 1808 by the order of Alexander Baranov, who was at the time the Head of the Russian-American Company and the de facto ruler of Alaska. Originally he built a fortress there, and later around it the gardens and orchardswere developed, and windmills were built.

Fort Ross was also used as a base for the establishment of trade and diplomatic relations, observing.

Now Fort Ross recreates the atmosphere of the Russian settlement of the 19th century.

Today at the territory of Alaska more than 700,000 people live, and among them – the descendants of Russian explorers. A National Park Fort Ross annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists and lovers of antique history.


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