Megaliths are constructions created by ancient people that are found all over Russia.

Megaliths were built from very large stones that are assembled together in a special manner, without using any cement. Megaliths could be both “houses” made of stones, as if built by giants, and single stones or groups of stones, forming a special order.

In Russia you can find megaliths in many places. We will describe just a few of them. The most famous are megaliths in the European part of Russia. But even here, researchers are yet to find more. For example, most recently, a megalithic structure made by ancient people was found near Moscow in the Shatursky region.

Megaliths in Russia, as compared, for example, to the ones found on the territory of modern Egypt, were built in an era when there was no slave system.

Most likely the whole family, the whole tribe was involved in the construction. A small group of people simply couldn’t have lifted multi-ton stone roofs, weighing up to 50 tons or more, onto the stone walls of a “house”.

Additionally, thorough fitting of stones in megalithic structures in Russia surprises with the skills of ancient people.

How megalithic structures were built

A theory of what was happening in the era before the creation of writing is based on assumptions. Most likely, ancient people used rollers, levers and props. Later, they could use ropes and blocks. But there is no doubt that in order to create such structures they needed simultaneous efforts of hundreds of people.

Ancient observatories

“When?” That’s one of the main questions asked by ancient people. When to start planting? When to harvest? When to hold ceremonies?

Observing the movement of the sun allowed oracles – the first scientists – to pick a desired date.

Menhir on the river Katun, Altai

Menhir on the river Katun, Altai. Фотобанк Лори

Not all parts of the ancient observatory have been preserved to the present day.

Ancient burial and ceremony sites

Construction of some megalithic structures had a ritual nature. These are the mazes of Northern Russia (link).

Other structures were likely built as tombs for headmen. These are megaliths of the North Caucasus, which look like stone houses with a round entrance hole on one of the walls. It is possible that in the past such houses were sealed by a round cover. But after thousands of years, no covers and no content have been preserved.

Megaliths found near the city of Sochi are carefully constructed, which distinguishes them from similar structures, such as the ones located on the British Isles.

Sochi Megaliths

Фотобанк Лори

At least one of the later megaliths in the district of Sochi, Volkonsky dolmen, was made of solid rock. It was hollowed out through a round hole, and by the entrance there was a recess – probably to collect water. At the same time the megalithic structure in the rock resembles a “house”: there is a projecting roof, the front wall (“portal”) and a round hole.

Some of the dolmens in Sochi were whelmed. In recent years, it allows researchers, including independent ones, finding more and more new megalithic structures.

The sheer size of Russia, as well as the absence of a “professional” view by hunters, foresters and tourists, suggests that most significant discoveries of megalithic structures are yet to be made.

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