Russian Music Online

Russian opera singers and Russian rock, Russian folk songs and songs of the war years – all of this is presented in our brief overview of Russian music available online.


Opera parties from famous opera worksthat were ever performed on stage. Russian bassists, baritones, sopranos performing compositions by Russian, Italian and others composers. Additionally, you can listen to other world famous artists as well.


Russian Folk Music

Traditional Russian folk songs and arrangements of Russian folk songs.

Traditional musical instruments, beautiful voices of melodiouschoral singing, simple lyrics that reflect simple life but at times have the deepest meaning – all of this is “Russian folk music.”


Ethnic Music

Folk experiments using traditional Russianmusical instruments, such as balalaika, harp, horn in order to create musical compositions in a modern manner of execution.Or conversely, using modern musical instruments to perform traditional Russian folk songs.Or simply songs recorded in some remote Russian villages.


Church Music

Here we have choral singing, hymns, masses and even organ music. Particular attention is paid to Orthodox music, but Catholic and Protestant music is also presented well.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a church:


Children Songs

Amazing, kind collection of Russian children’s songs:


Retro USSR

1930s-1950s. Soviet songs and marches, love songs of that period. Songs of the period of industrialization and building a new life:


1950s-1970s. The war was over. Life became normal again. Life and work, love and worries – all of this is in these songs:


Victory Day

This day, the day of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, is very important for all people in Russia. To this special day authors and composers have dedicated many works where they tried to express their appreciation to that remarkable achievement, to their personal experiences:


Original Songs

Soulful bard songs create a special atmosphere:



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