Russian Pickles - Cucumbers and Tomatoes

Pickles in Russia are called berries, vegetables, mushrooms, herbsprepared for winter in a special way.

“Pickles” is a collective term to define not only salting as such, but also fermenting, pickling and sousing. For many centuries cucumbers have been the leaders in popularity among all pickles. Without them not a single festive table could do and not a single peasant cellar.

Pickled Cucumbers

The first mention of pickled cucumbers goes back to the 12th century. But it is believed that this vegetable was popular among many Slavs much earlier. Pickled cucumbers were eaten together with meat dishes, as well as used in the entrees – different soups and Russian solyanka, which must have cucumber pickle in them.

There are many ways of pickling cucumbers in Russia. Usually cucumbers are covered with brine, then you add spices and herbs (horseradish, pepper, mustard, tarragon, dill). For a few days cucumbers should be stored in a warm room, and then – in the cold. To make sure cucumbers turn out strong and crisp, before brining they are soaked in cold water. You should carefully mind the cleanliness – tableware and all the ingredients for pickling should be perfectly washed.

Amazing History of Pickled Tomatoes

Tomatoes came to Russia later than cucumbers, approximately in the 18thcentury, and what was most surprising – they very soon became regulars on the table of every peasant. Tomatoes were eaten fresh. But, given that Russian housewives used to prepare a lot of products for the winter, tomatoes started to be pickled. Fragrant, juicy sour tomato dish has become a favorite on winter peasant table. Even today, when during any season you can buy fresh tomatoes, housewives continue to pickle them.

Tomatoes are pickled the same way as cucumbers. Washedtomatoes are placed in jars, then you add spices and herbs and cover them with brine. Unlike cucumbers, tomatoes not pre-soaked and are not stored in a warm room, but immediately sent to be chilled.

Today Russian housewives along with salting often pickle cucumbers and tomatoes.


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