The King and the Buffoon

Representatives of the Russian punk rock scene, which culminated in the last two decades of the 20th century, performed a deliberately primitive music, aiming to express their protest and social agenda.

Automatic Satisfiers and Cockroaches

The first punk band in Russia was created in Leningrad in 1979 by Andrei Panov. Until the late ’90s, Automatic Satisfiers gave only apartment concerts. The band, as well as their music, was considered the most bold, outrageous, rebellious and even antisocial.

A Moscow band “Cockroaches” is considered to be a representative of traditional punk. Originally it was called “Kutuzov Avenue.” In the early 90’s the songs of the band were distributed on cassettes among friends and acquaintances. After a vocalist Sergey Spirin joined the band, “Cockroaches” became especially popular.

Siberian Underground Punk

In 1984 Egor Letov created a punk rock band “Civil Defense” in Omsk city. The band existed almost underground, their concerts were organized in apartments, and their songs were recorded in a home studio. The new movement caught the attention of the local authorities, and Egor Letov was urgently hospitalized to a psychiatric clinic. But even in the hospital Letov continued writing songs. In the early 90’s “Civil Defense” has become popular not only in Siberia, but also in the entire USSR. Slightly crude Letov’s lyrics were perceived as protests against different social taboos and restrictions.

Horror Punk

Musicians of this subgenre of punk mixtogether music, lyrics, and social protests with the images of the heroes from science fiction movies. In Russia, the horror-punk is represented by the band “The King and the Buffoon.” Their every song is a finished fantasy in itself, a story. During their performances musicians often use makeup to help create their unique characters.

Ska Punk

Russian punk musicians are actively using the genre of ska, with its characteristic rhythm and brass instruments. For example, the band “Leningrad” accompanies its songs by playing saxhorns. The irreplaceable leader of the band is an eccentric and flamboyant Sergei Shnurov.


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