Easter eggs - the harvest

Dyed Easter eggs occupy a special place in the spring Easter tradition.

How to paint Easter eggs we’ve already told you earlier. Dyed eggs were exchanged, gifted and given to the poor.

Eggs, sanctified in church, according to popular belief acquired magical properties. It was believed that they could even extinguish the fire, if you throw eggs into the fire. And it should always be the egg, which was removed first from the dye solution.

In some places, it was thought that if you have lost cattle in the forest, you need to look for it with the first dyed egg. Sometimes cattle were stroked with such an egg so that it didn’t get sick.

Rolling of Easter Eggs

It was a favorite pastime of Russians during Easter. Then the tradition turned into a game, when the eggs were hit against each other.

In the original version, eggs were rolled off the hill, or from special trays. If you manage to launch your egg so that it hit any of the other eggs, then you could take it.

The whole village came to watch and participate in rolling of eggs.

Mystical Meaning of Rolling eggs

Eggs symbolize the birth of a new life, and rolling eggs on the ground – the revival of the earth after winter sleep, fertility.

Sometimes eggs were rolled on fields, which should increase the harvest.

Eggs were rolled over the graves to remember relatives. Today colored eggs are also brought to cemeteries, but rolling has turned into offerings: you break the shell of an egg by hitting an egg in a circle (it is believed that it is for the birds), and then with a smooth movement of the wrist you leave it on the grave. Russians make an open hand movement that symbolizes rollinginstead of just putting an Easter egg on the grave.

Turning a rite into a game

For several centuries now rolling of eggs has gradually turned from a rite to the game for the young. Eggs were being rolled for a week or even more. And this game had its champions, who could win many eggs.

In games with colored eggs there is an olden meaning of preparation for sowing season.


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