Russian rock music has originated during the USSR period under the influence of the West. However, the musicians managed not only to russify the genre, but to create a unique musical phenomenon.

First Experiments

In 1967 the students at the MSU created a band called “Skify.” The first record was produced by the band “Tin Soldiers.” This group worked as a professional band at the studio “Soyuzmultfilm.” It should be noted, that in those days in the USSR officially rock music didn’t exist.


Rock Band – Long Lifer

In the late 1960s a group of Moscow schoolchildren headed by Andrei Makarevich founded the group “Time Machine.” The musicians recorded and distributed their own music illegally. Only after Perestroika “Time Machine” came out of hiding.

“Time Machine”

First Rock Club

After a long-standing ban in the Soviet Union, a significant for the rock music event happened: Leningrad Rock Club was created – the first organization that united musicians. The club members included “Aquarium”, “Myths”, “St. Petersburg.” Very popular among young people was a group “Kino” headed by Viktor Tsoi.




Global Recognition

Among the first musicians to tour abroad were the members of the Moscow band “Gorky Park”, which became mega popular. “Agatha Christie” is perhaps the only Russian band that received the World Music Award.

“Gorky Park”


“Agatha Christie”

Punk and Metal

Punk genre was represented by the band “Sector Gaza” from the city of Voronezh. Their concerts during Perestroika were always accompanied by scandals, and the media called a hooligan band.

“Sector Gaza” 

In the heavy metal genre in Russia the band “Aria” established in 1985 is still at the peak of its popularity.



One of the most famous women – rock performers in Russia –is considered to be Zemfira.


Many rock bands touch upon issues of spirituality, moral choice, pondering the fate of their country and its future and also the challenges all of humanity faces. Still popular today are such rock bands as “Night Snipers”, “B-2”, “Voskresenie”, “Chaif”, “DDT” and others.



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