Russian Salad

Without salads a celebratory Russian table is unthinkable.

Salads open a meal. In Russia by their diversity guests judge culinary talents and generosity of the hostess.

How the Salad Became Russian, or the History of Salad in Russian Cuisine

Despite the fact that today Russian life is difficult to imagine without a delicious salad, it appeared in Russian cuisine not that long ago.  In Russia, the products were not mixed in the old days. But very soon the Russian salad turned into a mix of all kinds of ingredients.

The Most Common Russian Salad

The oldest and most popular salad in Russia is considered a vinegret. Russian vinegret appeared in the 19thcentury. In translation, its name means “vinegar”, and ‘vinaigrette’ in France is called a special vinegar salad dressing.

To prepare a classic Russian vinegret you need to boil the beets, carrots and potatoes, thencut vegetables into cubes. Also you have to dice some pickles, milk mushrooms and porcini mushrooms. Next, all the ingredients are mixed together, and green onions are added to the mixture. Russian vinegret is dressed with a mixture of mustard, vegetable oil and vinegar. You can also add sauerkraut, turnips, and onions.

Vinegret was the only salad that you could see on a table of an average Russian family at the beginning of the 20thcentury.

The Most Well-Known Russian Salad

In France, the Russian salad is considered the salad “Olivier.” It came into the Russian cuisine in the middle of the 19thcentury and was considered a delicacy. According to a legend, the recipe for this dish was invented in Moscow by a French chef Lucien Olivier, but eventually only the name remained of the original “Olivier”, because the original ingredients became unaffordable to modern Russians.

Each housewife views the Russian salad as a completely different set of ingredients. For example, here is one recipe: boiled beef, pickles, green peas, boiled eggs, potatoes – and all of that is dressed with mayonnaise. All other additives depend on the boldness of the chef. The main criterion is that the end result should be delicious!

Russian salads are hearty and healthy dishes that you can find anywhere in the world.


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