Anecdotes are unusual real or made up funny stories, sometimes insightful or with deep meaning, but always very funny.

Of course, to understand the meaning, or as they say, the “salt” of an anecdote, you need to immerse in the Russian culture. We hope that you have already read many of other materials on our website and will manage to take on this challenge J

Medical Anecdote

In psychiatry, this is how it goes – whoever puts on scrubs first is a doctor.

Sports Anecdote

Our Russian biathletesneed to shoot at our hockey players. Hockey players will get the punishment they deserve, but will stay alive.

Patriotic Anecdote

When the West complains of unruly behavior of Russia, I always recall the letter of a German soldier’s wife, found on his corpse in 1942:

“We’re all here in Hamburg deeply angered by stubbornness and dishonesty of Russians, who just don’t agree to stop their stupid and pointless resistance.”

Black Humor

After finishing medical school:

1. I always wash my hands!

2. I know that I’ll eventually die and there’s nothing I can do about it…

3. I know where babies really come from!

4. There is basically nothing that can ruin my appetite!

5. I am very afraid of doctors, especially my classmates.

Teenage Anecdote

Girls 12-15 years old writetheir statuses on social networks: “I miss him so much.”

They mean their brains, right?..

Men Anecdotes

Stages of growing a beard:

1. Sexy.

2. Have been binge drinking for a week.

3. Sea captain.

4. Prisoner of war.

5. Priest.

6. Homeless.

7. Wizard.

Computer Anecdote

The message “99% complete” becomes irritating me in about 15 minutes…

TV Anecdotes

I don’t believe that they say on TV at all. One time they showed something crazy:

California governor was chasing an alien in the jungle.


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