“It’s not enough to kill a Russian soldier – you have to strike him down to the ground.” This famous quote of Otto von Bismarck, the Chancellor of the German Empire, only confirms the unparalleled tenacity of Russian soldiers.
Russian Tank T-90

Russian Tank T-90

How Russian Soldier’s Character Was Formed

For centuries Russia had to fight for its independence. At times it had to fight simultaneously with multiple aggressors: from nomadic tribes in the south of Russia in the Middle Ages to the most powerful in Europe Swedish army during the reign of Peter I, from invincible Napoleon army to the most efficient in Europe fascist army.

Swiss Campaign

One of the most memorable examples of a high military spirit is the crossing of the Russian army, led by the genius Alexander Suvorov,over Swiss St. Gotthard Pass in 1799. Russian soldiers fought where it was considered impossible. 100 years later, at the opening of the monument to Russian soldiers, Swiss colonel Segesser said: “Nobody will disturb its sanctity, because no one will ever cross over St. Gotthard.”

Liberation War

In the Russian-Turkish war of 1877, Russian soldiers liberated the Bulgarian nations from Turkish aggression. Russian army losses were significant. However, a lofty goal of freeing fraternal peoples helped motivating martial spirit.

World War II

German general Erich von Manstein wrote in 1941: “We should note the persistence of some Russian units in a battle.”

One German soldier later in a letter home said with horror: “I’ve never seen men meaner than Russians… You never know what to expect from them.”

What is the Reason of Such Perseverance?

Russian soldier

Almost all generations of Russian soldiers have real combat experience. Russian soldiers’ outlook is based on a rule: self-sacrifice and readiness to overcome any obstacles – honorable duty of every defender of the Motherland.


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