Russian Stove

Russian stove is considered a national symbol of the country. In Russia since olden times people have prepared food in it, used it to heat houses, it served as a bed and was even used to take a bath! Stove has been an integral part of the life of the Russian people.

Russian Stove – Food on the Table

Today Russian stove can be seen only in remote villages or in museums, but it used to be once the center of households. Food was prepared only in stoves; it was used to bake bread, or to heat water for tea. Delicious grandmother’s pies came out of it too! Using a stove, people stocked up food for winter: dried mushrooms and berries in it.

Stove had to be Constantly Watched

Russian stove, because of its large size, takes long to warm up, so it was necessary to ensure that the fire did not go out. Before you start the fire, make sure that there is no ash or trash inside.

Russian Stove in the Modern World

First of all stove is an aesthetic pleasure. Besides, using Russian oven you can cook a variety of dishes that you cannot cook in a modern kitchen: baked potatoes, casserole in clay pots, which comes out with a special aroma. In Russian folk tales about Yemelya, Baba Yaga and the knight Ilya Muromets –everywhere Russian stove is mentioned.

Omens and Customs Associated with a Russian Stove

If you see in your dream a pipe of a Russian stove, it means that soon you will come into money. If the smoke is thick – your prosperity will last long. It was believed that a creature lived behind a stove – Domovoy. People tried to feed and appease it. For example, they put a plate of porridge and honey in a corner.

After the wedding, a couple had to go around the stove 3 times – that is how the groom thanked the house where his wife grew up. Stove was considered a symbol of harmony and tranquility, so in its presence people didn’t argue.

Despite the emergence of modern ovens and other kitchen helpers, Russian stove continues to be appreciated by its connoisseurs. And in remote villages Russian oven is not about to give up its positions.

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