Russian Toasts

Drinking toasts in Russia –is a favorite tradition of festive gatherings at dinner tables.

Until very recently, it was not customary in Russia to go drinking to bars and pubs, or drink while watching TV at home after a working day. Alcohol always meant gatherings at a dinner table.

And unlike in many other countries, alcohol is not consumed in silence, but drinking is always accompanied by a short or a very short speech – a toast, that is adequate to the occasion.

Toasts are pronounced on the following occasions: congratulations, compliments, well wishes, and many others.

Especially appreciated are the people who can give beautiful toasts. And most appreciated are the people who give not simply beautiful toasts, but also never repeat the same ones.

It is important to give a toast that reflects the general emotions of the people at that table. And if people are upset about something, then you can cheer them up with a nice toast.

Toast is not just given as an ordinary speech – it is literally a mini-presentation that should catch people’s attention. You cannot do it without proper inspiration.

It’s really not easy, according to a specific occasion,in just a few seconds to be able to come up with the beginning of your toast, and then manage to build on it and round it up with a nice wish.

Of course, in a pinch, you can use some toast templates.

We like this template:

“In ancient-ancient times, when there were no people, only two huge tribes live on the earth – the tribe of ravens and the tribe of falcons. And there was a never-ending war between them. And they fought for a wonderful pearl necklace, the likes of which did not exist in the world.

And so one day, the ravens and falcons came together in the latest clash for the pearl necklace, which lasted for several days. And during one of the battles the pearl necklace broke and scattered into pieces. The pearls rolled around all over the ground. And from them came the mankind.

So let’s drink to those beautiful pearls that rolled up today to our table!”

There are also shorter toasts: “To your health!” (in Russian – Za zdorov’ye) or “To good luck!” (in Russian – Za udachu).

Giving toasts is a special art that helps brings people together at the table.


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