Российские туристы в Норвегии

In recent years, Russian tourists are not much different from tourists from other countries.

Over the past years, Russian tourists have travelled abroad more than once or twice. Today Russian tourists are not very different from the British, Swedes or Americans.

But there are still a few features that continue to characterize Russian tourists. Of course, these features are not unique and are also attributable to other tourists, but with Russian tourists they have a different explanation.

High Spending by Russian Tourists During Vacations

Russians love extremes. If to get married – then to a beauty queen, if to buy a car – make sure it is the most prestigious. And if Russians went on vacation, they will try anything to make sure they have fond memories and there are stories to tell to their friends.

Besides, shopping in Russia is often much more expensive than, for example, in Europe or Asia.

So it turns out that spending by Russian tourists during vacations often surpasses spending by any other tourists.

Russians and Tips

For a long time in the USSR and Russia there was a deficit of goods. Perhaps that is why Russians leave huge tips in order to “thank” an employee.

Russians Love to Drink and Eat

In the Russian tradition of hospitality it is customary to treat your dear guests by organizing abundant feasts. The hosts will try to make their guests feel as pleasant as possible.

Accordingly, when Russians find themselves in all inclusive hotels, they consider themselves as guests. They feel simply obliged to show the respect to the owners by “trying” all the dishes.

Noisy Russians

Russians in everyday life are pretty laid back and closed off. But when they go on vacations, like Germans or British, they compensate for this with “loud” relaxation.

Entertainment in the Russian Language

Tourists from other countries are offended that entertainment programs in hotels are conducted in Russian. The explanation is simple: all Russians got accustomed in the Soviet years to mass entertainment and gladly participate in such events during their vacations. In addition, tourists from many countries can understand Russian.


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