This little lapdog dog is a real dog capable of actively protecting itself and its owner under any circumstances.

One of the most popular breeds of decorative dogs in Tsarist Russia was an English Toy Terrier.

But hard times, the revolution of 1917, the following Civil War and then World War 2 led to the fact that English Toy Terrier virtually disappeared from Russia. Only after World War 2 Russian nurseries began making attempts to revive the breed.

Their efforts did not lead to success as it was found impossible to revive the breed of the English Toy Terrier.

An unexpected result of their efforts though, was the emergence of a new breed, or rather two new breeds of lapdogs: Moscow Longhaired Toy Terrier and Russian Flat-coated Toy Terrier. Today both breeds are recognized as two varieties of the same breed – Russian Toy Terrier.

It is the smallest Terrier breed in the world.

During the Soviet times, characterized by restricted travelling abroad, Russian Toy Terrier remained the most common lapdog breed.

Unlike many other lapdog breeds, Russian Toy Terrier is very cheerful, agile, elegant and, most importantly, has a pleasant character. This dog doesn’t typically show aggression or cowardice, it’s a real and faithful friend that easily becomes part of the family.

Many compare this breed with a fawn.

According to the two varieties of the breed, the specimens can have short and shiny fur coat or a long one (up to 5 cm), sometimes with small ripple.

Long-haired Russian Toy Terrier

Long-haired Russian Toy Terrier

Short-haired Russian Toy Terrier

Short-haired Russian Toy Terrier

At the same time the dog requires virtually no maintenance: only a bath several times a year, and for the long-haired breed there is also combing of fur once a week.

The coat coloring for both species is quite diverse: from black and tan, brown and tan, blue and tan to red with violet hues and even cream.

English Toy Terrier became larger in size due to the emerged health problems. Purebred Russian Toy Terrier doesn’t have such problems, but the purity of the breed requires some sacrifices – financial. The price of a puppy can reach $ 1,000. But what is money in comparison with the opportunity to get a loyal friend?

Russian Toy Terrier, whose ancestors were brave rodent hunters, is a great companion, able to brighten up the life of your family.


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