Russian travel passport is a document that provides the citizens of Russia the right to enter or leave the territory of Russia. You could say that it’s a document gateway for Russians into foreign countries.

In Russia there are currently active:

  • an internal passport, which certifies the identity on the territory of Russia, including in the Russian embassies and consulates located in foreign countries;
  • a travel (foreign) passport, which certifies the identity around the world – the old version (valid for 5 years) and a new biometric version (valid for 10 years)

Which Travel Passport is Better

Selecting a type of passport is up to a citizen. Perhaps the most important aspect when choosing a passport is its validity period and the time it takes to obtain it.

The old-style travel passport is valid for five years, and the new travel passport – for 10 years.

How Russians Obtain their Travel Passports

The time it takes to register a travel passport is regulated by law. But during periods of mass holidays (summer, Christmas) the Federal Migration Service might not be able to cope with the influx of applications.

To register a new travel passport you need to submit the necessary documents (in person or by mail) and wait for it to be issued.

Interesting Facts about Travelers and Businessmen

If a Russian travels frequently, he usually applies for the old version of the travel passport, because the new 10-year version has fewer pages in it and it might not be enough to travel frequently even for five years – with all the visas and stamps of arrivals and departures.

Another case is getting … a second travel passport. Usually this occurs when a person has numerous business trips that cannot be interrupted for a period of applying for a new passport or a new visa. It is enough to bring a letter from your company and to confirm at least a few trips in the current year with your current passport.

A travel passport is an important document for Russians. It allows them to travel, go on business trips, visit relatives and friends abroad.

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