Photo of Russian Winter Men's Fur Hat Ushanka

This is a traditional Russian hat for the cold season.

Ushanka hat is very convenient for winter climates. Fur on the outsideperfectly protects from cold weather. And Leather breathes well, removing excess moisture.

Russian ushanka hat thanks to fur and the secondunderlayment is a real helmet, which is important during black frost. Ushanka hats saved at least hundreds of thousands of heads of their owners from concussions during a fall.

Russian winter fur hat is the most important piece of clothing, because the head expends 60-70% of the heat.

If you lower hat ears and the back flap of ushanka, then the head and almost entire face will be protected from frost and wind. Only your eyes, mouth and nose will be open, but you can easily cover them with hands. If it’s too hot, then you can fold up the “ears” of ushanka and tie them with a ribbon.

What It Is Made of

Russian winter fur hat is sewn over an insulated later to make it warm.

Men’s ushanka hat is made ​​entirely of fur or, in cheaper versions, with partial use of leather and cloth. To make ushanka hats rabbit, muskrat, nutria, sheepskin fur are used, as well as karakul, astrakhan, lambskin, squirrel, fox and other types of fur.

History of Russian Ushanka Hat

Fur hats are worn by many nations that live in cold climates. According to one version, the first tie-strings on hats came from the Russian north. According to another version, ushanka hats are re-designed Mongolian malakhai. The second version seems unlikely, since turning a leather “bag” into ushanka fur hat is not so simple.

Ushanka hats quickly spread throughout Russia – warm, comfortable, durable, serving as a men’s accessory and even adding to men’s appearance a little more masculinity.

Soon ushanka hats due to its convenience and superior protection from the cold became a part of the uniform of soldiers and officers of the Red Army.

Ushanka Hat around the World

Today, ushanka hats from Russia are widespread in nearby countries – China, Korea and Mongolia. Russian fur hat even crossed the ocean together with immigrants: hats with earflaps are now common in Canada and the northern states of the United States – as part of the uniforms of some of the armed forces and police. Recently ushanka hat passed the test and was made part of the police uniforms in Germany, in spite of the resistance from union representatives, who do not want to look like Russians.

We can add that ushanka in German interpretation came out not too successful. But it is important to start somewhere. We wish best of luck to the German police.

Fashion Designers

The image of a Russian wearing ushanka hat could not leave fashion designers indifferent. Most big-name fashion houses over the years had collections of ushanka hats. The main difference from the traditional Russian hats, except for the pink color and rhinestones, was that this traditional Russian men’s hat was intend for women.

A well-crafted ushanka hat is an excellent and fashionable protection from the cold.


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