St. Petersburg is the second most populous city in the Russian Federation. It had been the capital of Russia for more than two centuries: from 1712 (when the first Russian Emperor Peter I moved the Russian court there) to 1918 (when the city was renamed Petrograd).

Since its foundation St. Petersburg has been the northern capital of Russia. The city also became the European Capital of Culture not so long ago. It is not just coincidence: in fact there are more than 8,000 architectural and cultural monuments in Saint Petersburg. Every year in St. Petersburg there are about 1,000 exhibitions and hundreds of art festivals. Also, in the world St. Petersburg is globally known for its museums which are the Hermitage, the Cabinet of Curiosities, the Russian Ethnographic Museum and the Russian Museum, and more.

St. Isaac's Cathedral

St. Isaac’s Cathedral


Peter I wanted to have the majestic and spacious city. Famous architects e.g. Andrea Domenico Trezzini and Johann Georg Mattarnovi, Peter M. Eropkin and Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli, Jean-Baptiste de la Mothe Ballen and Antonio Rinaldi, Matveevich Yuri Felten and Vasily Bazhenov were invited to build a new capital.

St. Petersburg is a museum under the open there are many archeological and architectural monuments in the city. The historic center of the city is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. During the White Nights (link) St. Petersburg turns into one of the most romantic places on the planet no doubt.

Because of the city location – the city was founded on the Neva River – there are lots of bridges there and many of them are drawbridges. At night, drawbridges give way to ships and boats. The city was being built for sailor travelers. From a ship Saint Petersburg is particularly impressive. Because of that fact St. Petersburg is often called Venice of the North.

At any time, St. Petersburg is interesting to tourists. In summer it attracts you with numerous art festivals and the romantic white nights. In autumn the city is bright, as autumn tree leaves cover and adorn not only the boulevards and streets, but canals too. Perhaps for somebody Winter is a good time to visit the city as St. Petersburg is not so crowded at this time and museums and theaters are open to public. The hotel prices are not so high like in summer. But in spring you are able to see the breaking of the ice on the Neva in San Petersburg.

Not far from St. Petersburg there is the former royal residence Peterhof (from 1944 to 1997 – it was called Petrodvoretch). This place has also another name:Russian Versailles. Probably it is because of the similarity of architecture with the royal summer residence palace and park ensemble in France. the best variant to reach Peterhof is by a river boat in spring, summer and early fall.

Everyone who visits St. Petersburg say that the city has its magic touch. People are impressed indeed!

Welcome to St. Petersburg!

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