Saving a Resident of Olkhon

An amazing video!

Tourists were driving on a dirt road.

Suddenly, the driver stops, and even goes back a little.

His friend asks him if he has lost something.

The driver saw in the middle of the road a gopher that got stuck.

Young woman: “We have to help him!” And she ran off to save it.

Experienced driver: “It my bite you,” – the voice of reason!

They quickly found a solution – a scarf.

The poor animal resists, but it is still saved from the captivity of a tight burrow where it would have to lose weight.

Apparently, “someone ate too much.”

For Russians this story immediately brings a spectacle of emotions: in Russia was created an unbelievably genius animation based on stories by Alan Milne”Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all” which was voiced over by infinitely ingenious Yevgeny Leonov (he was the kind of artist who was briefly told by director “how to play “and he immediately got into character – without any additional takes):

P.S. The place where everything happened is an island of Olkhon on Lake Baikal, which is assigned some mystical powers. Well, it is simply a very beautiful place (link).

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