These photos were sent by Elena Shakhova. All of them are about the school time and cover the period of 2012-2013. All photos were taken in Moscow.

On the first photo – Olga, a student form the 9th grade in the beginning of the school year:

Elena Shakhova-1

On the second – Elizaveta and Kseniya and boys in the background – the ninth grade. The first day of the new school year:

Elena Shakhova-2

On the third photo – the 8th grader Kirill.During the celebration of the New Year:

Elena Shakhova-3

Eight graders Oleg, Abdul, Kseniya and Arsenduring the competition “Musical Spring”:

Elena Shakhova-4

Eight graders Oleg and Arsen:

Elena Shakhova-5

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