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Sea of Azov

by ŶΣŅΡǾΧ (CC, flickr)

The Sea of Azov is situated in the eastern part of the European continent and it is connected to the Atlantic Oceannot directly but through a whole chain of the straits and other seas.

Today, the Black Sea deluge hypothesis is popular, according to which about 5600 BC a strong and massive earthquake led to major changes on the territories inhabited by ancient people. This natural disaster may have been what is today called the Biblical Flood. This is when the modern Sea of Azov was formed.

The history of the exploration of the Azov Sea and its adjacent areas began during the era of Herodotus of Halicarnassus –an ancient Greek historian who lived in the V centuryBC –and it continues to the present day, discovering year after year new amazing features of the sea and unique places that you should definitely visit and see with your own eyes.

Sea of Azov

 by Vlad Tutchkov (CC, flickr) 

Valley of lotuses

It’s an extraordinarily beautiful place on Akhtaziansky estuary of the Azov Sea, which is adjacent to the Taman Peninsula. It took more than 10 years for specially imported Indian lotus plants to strike root here and turn the estuary into a fragrant paradise on earth.

According to a legend, the Indian lotus is a magical flower that can fulfill absolutely any wish. And it will make a person who made a wish and breathed in its amazing floral scentwiser. To achieve that, all you need to do is to whisper you wish to a blossoming bud.

Taman Switzerland

This is how people call the place, the charm of which it is impossible to forget. The lake, filled with pure spring water and surrounded on all sides by hawthornforest can shelter and soothe travelers even in a scorching midday.

You can get to the lake through the only street of Priazov farm located in the north of the Taman Peninsula. After walking through prairie landscape that is somewhat reminiscent of the African savannah, you will be able to get down to its shores.

Turkish fountain

This is an unusual fountain that is 300 years old. It gets water supply from a long parched lake. And it’s not a miracle, but the ingenuity of Turkish master workmen who have used during its construction a condensatemethod of getting water. Thanks to it, for more than three centuries now, this natural fountain, located in the heart of Taman village is never out of water.

“For the Motherland!” (“За Родину! ” in Russian)

This patriotic name belongs to a small village where the mud volcano Tizdar is located. Immersed up to your neck in his crater filled with healing mud, you can get a real boost health.

Visiting the Sea of Azov you can feel the history of this place, enjoy its spectacular views and get a boost to your health.

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