Siberian Dumplings (Russian Pelmeni)

Siberian Dumplings Pelmeni

Фотобанк Лори

Siberian dumplings (Siberian pelmeni) – a dish that is certainly worth trying if you visit Siberia.

Ground meat or fish wrapped in dough and cooked in water – a popular dish of many nations. In Russia, this dish is called “pelmeni.” Siberia is the place where there are all necessary conditions for an important process of preparingRussian dumplings – freezing the end product. Because Russian pelmeni are especially tasty after they have been frozen.

Ears Made of Dough

In essence, Russian pelmeni are flat cakes made of unleavened dough stuffed with meat, which resemble ear shape. Usually for stuffing three kinds of ground meat is used – beef, lamb and pork. Also, be sure to add to the stuffing onions, herbs, black pepper and a little flour to get the right consistency. Dough for pelmeni is always unleavened–it is made ​​from flour, water and salt. The shape of dumplings can be different. But there is one important feature: the edges must be tightly pinched and stuffing should be placed inside freely, with additional room. In that case pelmeni will not burst open during cooking. Russian pelmeni are cooked in meat broth or broth of herbs and spices. Pelmeni are considered ready when after boiling they surface twice. They are served separately from other dishes with butter, sour cream or vinegar.

Secret of Siberian Pelmeni

You would think that the difference in the recipe of Siberian pelmeni is in stuffing. In fact, every housewife has her own stuffing recipe.

The secret of Siberian pelmeni is in the fact that they are pre-frozen. After freezing pelmeni acquire a special taste, which made dumplings from Siberia the most popular in Russia.

Frozen Russian Pelmeni

In Siberia dumplings were made by whole families, in large quantities, and stored in special boxes made ​​of wood in the cold. Frozen dumplings were a very convenient food for the road. People used to take with them boxes full of pelmeni. At train stations you only needed half an hour to cook a hearty hot homemade meal.

Dumplings are sold throughout Russia, but the best ones are only homemade.

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5 responses to “Siberian Dumplings (Russian Pelmeni)”

  1. Pavel says:

    I am enjoying this site. I want to know if there’s any traditional Russian vegetable dishes that use kale, beet greens, or turnip greens. It is hard finding anything on the internet. I read there is a Russian Kale or a Siberian Kale that’s indigenous to Russia. Is it used much there?
    Thank you,

  2. Pavel says:

    ADD: I requested the previous dishes because I am gonna try to serve it with my pelmeni…

  3. Andy says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I made a batch with Alaskan cod and Argentine shrimp. The coriander seed really woke up the filling. Rather than boil them in the pot of uhka I was making, I steamed them in a bamboo steamer. A steamer is more forgiving than boiling if you have leaks in the seams… I tried frying a few like pot stickers and they were a big hit with the kids.

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