If you are visiting the Russia – then you should buy some Souvenirs from Russia foryour family and your friends surely. In Russia you can choose different beautiful and practical souvenirs, theycan beuseful in your everyday life. In this post we’ll try to give you a piece of advice what keepsake to buy to remind you of Russia.

Applied Art

Russian Doll

No doubt, one of the most famous Russian souvenirsis a Russian doll. It is a painted set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other.

This Russian souvenir is so popular that you can see Russian dolls as a decorationeven in Bangkok (Thailand).

The more set of wooden dolls you will find – the better.

Russian doll (Matryoshka doll)

Russian doll (Matryoshka doll)

Gzhel Souvenirs

Gzhel is a style of ceramics with traditional dark blue painting. Gzhel Souvenirs are very popular abroad. (Gzhel looks like the porcelain with dark blue painting that is produced in the Dutch city of Delft.) The Gzhel potters produce a lot of pottery wares: decorative statuettes withvariouspictures, toys, birds, horses, riders, toy wares as well. The Gzhel potters put the blue paint on a clay body with a brushbefore baking.

Khokhloma or Khokhloma Painting

A piece of advice: do not buywood painting handicraft wares in uncertified stores. There is a strong probability that you will buyjust a fake.

Khokhloma wares, for example, bowls, boats, spoonsare very pleasant to touch. Every Khokhloma itemis unique, because it is hand-made. You should just choose what you like!

Khokhloma wares

Khokhloma wares

Zhostovo Painting

Zhostovo painting trays are very popular as souvenirs. Zhostovo painting is old traditional Russian handicraft of painting on metal trays.

Zhostovo tray unique as every tray is hand-painted. In Russia you can see many trays with flower painting: dahlias, peonies, roses, etc. Every tray made in a factory has it’s own certificated number. If you buy a Zhostovo tray – you will get anunique tray (+ it is not broken!) in the original box, with its certificate too. This is a nice souvenir from Russia indeed!

Vintage Clothing

Russian Cap (Cap With Ear-Flaps) – Ushanka

Russian hats with earflaps are very popular all over the world. Many famous fashion designers have these Russian trooper hats in their collections. At present these hats with earflaps are not only popular in Russian villages in the North of Russia (as Ushankas give warmth to the wearer in winter) but also in Moscow.

Valenki Boots (or Valenki)

Valenki boots are traditional Russian winter footwear. These boots are made of wool felt. If you live in a cold climate – you should buy these Russian traditional winter boots. When cold, you can wear them!

Clothing With Handmade Embroidery

Clothing with handmade embroidery is also very popular: shirts, towels, belts, and tablecloths. E.g. the embroidered tablecloth and other itemsare able to decorate your house and your meeting with friends will be unforgettable.

Bast Shoes

Bast shoes are shoes made primarily from birch bast.

These shoes were a traditional summer footwear of Slavs.

In Russia you can buy the souvenir toy bast shoes in numerous shops. These toy bastshoes are easy to put in your baggage.

Bast Shoes

The girl in Russian national clothes and in large birch-bark shoes with pancakes and a bowl of caviar. Many Housewives are still baking pancakes for Maslenitsa holiday, this holiday symbolizes the beginning of spring

Soviet Union Souvenirs

The Soviet Union does not exist anymore. But, the Soviet Union Souvenirs are very popular among tourists.

You can buy different souvenirs with stars, red flags, portraits of Lenin or Stalin etc.

There are more expensive souvenirs as well. E. g. old-fashioned cigarette cases, flasks, roundels, epaulettes, military belts with buckleson which you can see the soviet red star, different jackets and soldiers ‘ overcoats, hats and even models of weapons. Among all these soviet souvenirs you can seea budenovka – is a hat and an essential part of the Communist uniform until 1940.

NB: if you’re a fan of the sauna or Russian bath, you can buy a felted budenovka too.

Alcoholic Drinks

Liqueurs and herbal balms.Being in Russia you can buy different Liqueurs or herbal balms. Someherbal balms can include up to hundreds of different herbs. They say that these balms are good even for healthy people. You can ask your guide or a resident to give youa piece of advice what to buy the best.

Russian Vodka

Russian vodka is very popular in the world indeed. Pay attention to all allowed liquids. We think that you should not buy Russian vodkain the ’clear’ zone in the airports, which includes duty free stores as price for that is too high there.


Mead (low alcohol drink) is a good Russian souvenir too. If you buy Suzdal Mead, it will be a very nice souvenir indeed.

Special Souvenirs

If you a real cconnoisseur of Russia you can buy musical instruments or even Russian samovars.

Musical Instruments

If you collect musical instruments, you can buy a Russian balalaika. Or a harp. These instruments are impossible to putinto your luggage – only aboard.

Samovar from Tula

Samovar is traditionally used to heat and boil water.

Tula Gingerbread

This gingerbread is very delicious souvenir from Tula.

NB: you should remember that the Tula gingerbreads are not stored for more than a week, and they don’t contain any additives with index “E”.

In Russia there are lots of Souvenirs – you can buy any souvenirs you like!

We are glad to discover Russia together with you!

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