Despite the horrors that people had to endureduring the collapse of the Soviet Union, many think of old times with nostalgia.

“Peace. Work. May.” Flushed pioneers in red ties. Vending machines with virtually free soda. Natural ice cream for 7 cents…

Former citizens of the nonexistentUSSR tend to idealize the Soviet era…

Nostalgia Soviet-style

In the last two and a half decades a lot has changed. But, with an eye to the Soviet past, we can say that the era of the Soviet Union will remain in people’s memory as a great history of a huge state that needs to be passed on to future generations. Most important thing is to present it correctly. Today, there are special clubs for fans of the USSR, where people can enjoy the atmosphere of the Soviet period. Proponents of such movements don’t particularly miss kilometer-long queues, shortages of food or not being able to travel. They recall those happy moments that cannot be forgotten. So, what do people remember the most from the Soviet era?

Sweet memories of Soviet childhood

Children of the Soviet era happily talk about the past, despite the fact that their childhood wasn’t really filled with exciting entertainment. A child in the USSR 25-30 years ago had almost no clue what a computer or the Internet is. But fortunately children usually also didn’t know what street crime was.

The best entertainment for Soviet children were hobby groups, sports clubs, music schools, books, and, of course, playing outdoors.

Favorite toy for boys – bikes and a soccer balls in the summer, hockey sticks and sleighs in winter. Favorite games for girls –hopscotch and Chinese jump rope. Imported fruits and expensive candy wrapped in foil were available to the majority of children only on major holidays, like the New Year’s.

Movies on TV about Indians converted backyards to the prairie filled with the sounds of flying arrows. Tales of chivalry gave a rise in manufacturers of crossbows and two-handed swords. And a wonderful Russian miniseries about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (by the way, the best film adaptation of Conan Doyle in the opinion of his family and … the Queen of Great Britain) armed boys with magnifying glasses and a habit to count the number of steps on the stairs.

And there were also backyards that got suddenly empty during the broadcast of Yuri Senkevich’s “Travel Club.”

Things from the Soviet Union, which surround Russians to this day

We’ll just list a few.

  • Crystal glassware for special occasions, which still fill out many buffets
  • Crystal chandeliers, as a sign of a prosperous household:

Soviet Crystal chandeliers

  • Refrigerators “ZIL” moved to country cottages. They have been operating for over 50 years now and are not planning to give up
  • Vinyl records and record players on electronic valves that turned out to have a much better sound than the new electronic run-of-the-mill devices
  • Meat grinder which was operated manually, is still manufactured today
  • Cars “Zhiguli” that have barely changed since they were first released in the 1970sare still found on the streets of Russian cities.

Things from the Soviet era can now be found in many flea markets, where grandmas and grandpas will offer you a side of fun stories from the past to Soviet rarity on sale.

Surprisingly, many people whose childhood and youth were lived in the USSR want to own things made during the socialist era. They are ready to buy old stuff, which seems to possess the soul of the past.

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