St. Petersburg is a very beautiful, famous and proud city a bit. In Russia they often say that people from this Russian city are different from other people in Russia. But why?

Citizens of St. Petersburg are as a rule cultural, well- educated people. That is why – people say – St. Petersburg is a cultural capital of Russia. The city has lots of museums, concert halls, libraries, etc: they are never empty they are open to public.

Nature of St. Petersburg citizens is based on the controversy. Indeed The city was found on a territory with a very unpleasant climate for living. But citizens are trying to ignore the bad weather of their city: they don’t lose their temper.

The city itself is called the open-air museum, the city itself creates a special atmosphere: you want to be active and do something good and positive in St. Petersburg. And a lot of famous people e.g. Pushkin and Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, Benoit and Rastrelli were living and working there.

To compensate a not pleasant climate (it can be cold raining for weeks) citizens are attending different cultural activities: various lectures, theaters, museums and art galleries. Even the date can take place not in a cafe or at a dance club, but in a museum or theater.

Residents of St. Petersburg usually have a sense of tact, and as a rule behave with dignity in any situation.

St. Petersburg citizens of both sexes are usually slim, girls dress elegant.

Also people of the city are easy to talk to.

Citizens of St. Petersburg are in love with their city, and this love is forever.

Come to St. Petersburg surely and feel the atmosphere of this unusual enigmatic city! Visit the numerous concerts and exhibitions, dance with young people in the street!

Walk at night along the banks of the city’s rivers and canals and get a feel for the St. Petersburg White Nights!

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