Stepan, 27 years old, Khabarovsk

Our today’s story is about Stepan Masur, a journalist and a writer.

Stepan spent in Khabarovsk all his life.

Stepan’s childhood was not a bright one. When the kid barely started to walk, he was diagnosed with the spinal tumor. Fortunately, this tumor was surgically operable. But the recovery took many years, he came through 15 surgeries.

While growing up, Stepan always managed to find a way out of the harsh reality into the visionary world.



When he was only 15 years old his imaginary visions appeared on a paper for the first time. And soon they turned into fantasy novels. The unfledged writer published his first novel right in the middle of the economic recession in 2009.

Today Stepan works as a journalist, paying a lot of attention to high technologies. This experience helps him in creative works.

His future wife was initially his pen-friend. The writer and the reader quickly found a common ground. Their love affair developed too fast. Literally, a few days after the correspondence acquaintance the young lady decided to visit him in Khabarovsk and five days later Stepan met her on the railway platform “Moscow – Vladivostok”. The time proved something that began in the Internet could be real. Stepan and Anastasia got married.

Stepan and Anastasia

 Stepan and Anastasia

Today the married couple is going to adopt a child from the orphan home, now they prepare all necessary documents. It is important for them to give a family for at least one orphan. “Later we will have our own children”, Stepan says.

Happiness for Stepan means when “the possibility to make one more soul happy”.

Stepan believes, “We are only temporary guests who came here (to the Earth) to learn certain lessons”. Therefore, Stepan’s motto is quite logical – “Do not forget the reason why we came to the Earth!”

The writer-journalist wishes the readers of our site to “live in peace and harmony!”

We are glad to discover Russia together with you!

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