Vladimir Vysotsky

It’s been more than 30 years since the most striking representative of bard song genre – a poet and singer Vladimir Vysotsky passed away. His hoarse voice to this day touches people, and his lyrics get etched in memory for a long time. Vysotsky instilled meaning in every line, in every chord.

“Song of a Friend”

During the filming of the movie “The Vertical”, starring Vysotsky, he heard the story of a mountaineer Leonid Eliseev. It was a story about a group of climbers: during a climb all but one fell down a steep slope. The one who survived managed to call for help and save his friends.

Vladimir Vysotsky wrote a song in a few hours, and the “Song of a Friend” appeared in the movie. After the movie was released, Vysotsky became widely known not only as an actor but as a singer and songwriter.

The movie “The Vertical” – “Song of a Friend”

“Common Graves”

Vysotsky rewrote the lyrics of the song twice for the play “The Fallen and the Living” (about the World War II). Yet the song was never performed in the play. Later it was featured in the movie about the war times, “I come from the childhood”, sung by Mark Bernes.

Vysotsky wrote many songs about the war. A son of a war veteran, he knew a lot about wartime. His songs portray the events of that time in a sincere and heartfelt manner.

The movie “I come from the childhood” – “Common Graves” by Mark Bernes

“The Wolf Hunt”

In one of the villages of Krasnoyarsk region they were shooting the movie “The Master of Taiga” in which Vysotsky portrayeda crew boss of the wood-floaters. After filming Vysotsky sat by a lamp and began writing. Actor Valery Zolotukhin, who also starred in the movie, said jokingly: “Don’t sit under the light, you’ll get shot.”

By the next morning, the song “The Wolf Hunt” was ready.

The Wolf Hunt (In France)

In France: “Zero-Seven”

Vysotsky often had to communicate by phone with his beloved, Marina Vlady, an actress from France. At that time you could only contact someone abroad through telephone operators. You had to dial “0-7″ in order to connect to a telephone operator.


At that time, Vysotsky became widely popular not only in the USSR but also around the world.


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