Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a joy but also a serious hormonal change in a woman’s body. During this time pregnant women often start believing in different superstitions.

During Pregnancy You should not Cut Your Hair

It is believed that this can cause premature birth.

A Pregnant Woman shouldn’t Cross Her Legs when She Sits 

This it to make sure that a child is not born with crooked legs. It is an example of folk wisdom. Obviously, a sitting posture of a woman doesn’t affect the shape of legs, but a cross-legged posture impairs blood flow, which is not desirable. It is also not advised to stay long in any other uncomfortable position to make sure there is no that there is no stagnation of blood.

What is the Sex of the Baby?

According to superstitious beliefs, a rounded belly means you have a girl, while a narrow, pointed belly is a sign of a boy.

You shouldn’t Buy Baby Clothes before Delivery or Gift Any Baby Things

It is believed that this is a bad omen, and that you should only gift or buy baby clothes after it is born.

A Pregnant Woman should not Raise her Hands above Her Head

It is believed that if you do that, your child may become tangled in the umbilical cord. Interestingly, this superstition has some useful wisdom. Raising your hands over your head, if it’s work-related, can weaken a female body and negatively affect the health of a child.

An Expecting Woman should not Sleep on Her Back

It is believed that this may suffocate a baby. This is another example of folk wisdom. Indeed, some women with certain disorders are not recommended sleeping on their backs for long periods of time. If that is the case with you – your doctor will let you know.

You should not Announce Your Pregnancy Until Your Belly is Clearly Visible

This mystical superstition is associated with the way to prevent evil spirits from harming a baby.

You shouldn’t Swear around Pregnant Women

It is believed that a baby may get a birthmark. Of course, one can hardly relate this with birthmarks. Yet stress caused by having arguments will definitely not benefit a pregnant woman, so you better protect them.

Pregnancy is a serious stress for women. Sometimes following the most unusual superstitions can help a woman to relax.


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