These delicious potato pancakes can be made easily and quickly.

This dish has more than one name and a lot more ways of preparing it. In different regions of Russia grated potato pancakes are called differently: teruny, terunki, draniki.

Origin of Potato Pancakes

To prepare potato pancakes, potatoes are grated. This is why Russian potato pancakes are called “teruny” (from the verb “teret” – to grate). And the name “draniki” – from the word “drat” – to shred. Before the advent of potato graters,potatoes were grated using a sharpened board. Today, to grate potatoes we use a special barbed grater or a special insert for blenders and food processors.

In Russia, potatoes appeared just a few centuries ago. After a brief resistance to the new cultivated plant by farmers, potatoes spread rapidly and became a national vegetable. And potato pancakes appeared at least 2 centuries ago. Even then potato pancakes were popular in peasant families.

How to Make Draniki

The cooking process of potato pancakesis simple. A different issue is that the number of components in different recipes may vary. Traditionally, draniki are made of potatoes, onions, eggs and salt. Potatoes are washed, cleaned and grated, then you add to it chopped onion, eggs and salt. Next, you form pancakes and fry them in hot oil on a frying pan. Sometimes you can add some flour to potato pancakes (1-2 table spoons) or cottage cheese, as well as various kinds of ground meat – meat or fish, mushrooms and herbs.

The main principle in making potato pancakes is speed. The mixture should be prepared very quickly or the potatoes will darken in color. It’s better to grate the potatoes in small portions – 4-6 potatoes at a time. Draniki are served always hot with sour cream or butter.

Usually the whole family gathers around the table and the hostess serves fresh portions of draniki straight from the frying pan.

Bon appetit!


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