The Old Moscow Circus is one of the oldest circuses in Russia. The Circus is situated on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

If you are in Moscow you should visit the oldest circus in Russia for sure. The Moscow circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was built in 1880. That is why it is called the “Old Circus”.

The so called “New Circus” is the Moscow State Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt. This New Circus is the largest circus building in the world. It’s building is permanent.

In 1880 Albert Salamonski opened the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard for public. At that time Albert Salamonski was making special performances for children.

These matinees took place on Sundays. They were very profitable indeed.

In 1919 the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard became the first Moscow state circus in Russia.

Old Moscow Circus

The most famous artists were performing on the arena of the circus E.g. the Pencil (Mikhail Rumyantsev) with his scotch-terrier named BLOB, the Sunny clown Oleg Popov in his famous cap, Leonid Yengibaryan, Yuri Nikulin etc. These artists always made people laugh!

The Circus is famous for its unique performances indeed. E.g.Williams Truzzi with his perfectly trained horses. Nobody can repeat these tricks in the circus world. The animal taming in the circus is great. Caring and patient treatment to animals is the clue.

At present only the most famous circus artists from all over the world are giving performances in the circus.

From 1982 to 1997 the General Manager and Artistic Director of the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was Yury Nikulin, a famous clown and the USSR People’s Artist who together with his invariable partner Mikhail Shuydin performed on this arena for many years. Now the Old Moscow Circus bears the name of Yury Nikulin.

Yuri Nikulin was not only a comedian, mime, and circus clown but also a Russian film actor. He became best known for his roles in the comedies. His film words became real popular expressions. These catch-words are true to life. People use them in their everyday life.

It is interesting but Yuri Nikulin became a famous artist when he was already 50 years.

The metro station “Tsvetnoy Boulevard” in Moscow was opened at the request of Yuri Nikulin for the convenience of people.

It is easy to find the Circus: there are a lot of people near it and at its entrance there is a bronze monument to Yuri Nikulin. You can see Yuri Nikulin who is standing next to the car (a cabriolet from the film “Kavkazskaya Plennitsa” – “A She-Prisoner of the Caucasus”).

Now this Moscow Circus is famous as before. Very often it is a real problem to buy tickets for a stunning show indeed.

Address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard 13

Booking: +7 915 122 5603


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